” Stop Mouth Breathing Campaign ”   My presentation at Chicago for AAMS 2017                 Mouth Close Campaign for Symmetrical and Healthy Children.   In our presentation we are going to highlight the importance of educating mothers in order to teach their newborns from the first day of their lives how to become nasal breathers; how to promote correct swallowing and chewing in childhood; and how these functions affect growth, body symmetry and general health. Body systems are connected and interdependent. Breathing, swallowing and chewing are important functions that can influence not only the overall physiological reaction and adaptation of the organism but also determine body symmetry and posture.

Learning Outcomes:

1) Identfy simple lifestyle changes that can be taught to parents to promote proper orofacial functions since birth

2) Link orofacial dysfunctions to body posture and craniofacial asymmetries

3) Promote correct orofacial functions to positively influence general health